In the studio for a Hillrigs photoshoot

Getting ready for IBC2014 we get some product shots in the bag

With a massive thanks to Mark Pullon and Mike Cooper for loaning us his incredible studio in Bristol, we managed to get a good collection of shots for building the new Hillrigs website as well as a few print items.

Poor old Mark had my direction and shot list to work from:

Bad storyboarding

Shooting the kit is always tricky as all the components are different shapes meaning constantly changing light sources for each angle. In all I think we managed to wrap up in around 10 hours.

Getting close into the shot

Hillrigs KOMBIDOLLY shoot


Following the shoot I spent quite a few days retouching shots. Sitting in a blacked out room with summer happening all around me is not fun especially when you walk out into the sun!

There was quite a lot to do on the images as there were a few dust spots etc. and all the individual product component shots needed to all fit together perfectly for animation on the site.

Here's a nice retouched close-up of the KOMBIDOLLY bowl attachment:

Hillrigs KOMBIDOLLY shoot

And finally onto some site design

The site aims to be pretty simple and use some animation to convey the flow of the products. Right now the e-commerce is going to be stripped back as the focus right now is on the brand and story. If needs be I can pull the old libraries out of the existing site as they are included as dependencies.

Anyway enough tech...

Here's a glimpse of the site design so far (with top navigation open):

Hillrigs Top Secret

More to come soon!